The Getting Things Done®Workbook

The Getting Things Done Workbook, 10 moves to stress-free productivity written by David Allen and Brandon Hall has just been released and, as its title suggests, this is a practical guide to get you to assess how you currently manage things, introduces you to the GTD® methodology, and asks you to commit to change using that methodology.

You’re then presented with 10 moves to help you implement the GTD® methodology to achieve the stress-free productivity goal.

These moves are:

  1. Capture all your incoming paper into one in-tray
  2. Choose your capture tool
  3. Do a mind sweep
  4. Get your in-tray to empty
  5. Get your emails to zero
  6. Create your next action and other lists
  7. Keep track of your projects on one list
  8. Create folders to stay organised
  9. Do a GTD Weekly Review®
  10. Conduct a daily review

The Workbook contains links to 16 short videos of David Allen explaining the five phases of GTD® and the key techniques that you need to master.

These steps encompass the implementation of GTD® as covered in chapters 4 to 10 of David Allen’s book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (revised edition).

The Workbook gives you direct instructions on how to implement GTD® in a clear easy to absorb style without the full philosophy that the the companion Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity necessarily provides.

Even for an experienced follower of the GTD® approach, I am already finding the workbook a useful way to tune up my system . . .

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