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This is My Notebook where I want to share notes about anything that interests me and that I hope, may interest you too.

The following subjects will be included. Use the Categories tab on right to go to the relevant section.

  • Archiving and Decluttering – how I’m reducing what I leave behind and organising what I do
  • Audio & Visual – what I listen to and watch
  • Beekeeping – how I got started and how I think I’m making progress with keeping honey bees
  • Burnley – my home town
  • Family History – genealogical research (access mostly restricted to family)
  • Getting Things Done® – how I use David Allen’s systematic approach to get things done
  • Information Technology – computers and the digital world
  • Management – what I’ve learned from 25 years in management and quality assurance
  • Music – eclectic musical tastes, centred around the Sixties
  • Programming – recreating some early computer games
  • Sherlock Holmes – maintaining my interests in the Great Detective
  • Writing – creative writing